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How long does the M.E.L.T. Program take to complete?
Approx 3-4 Weeks, taking place Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm . The program includes a classroom session and a practical Session. This program can be taken all together which most students do, or we are flexible as we understand taking time off work for that length of time may not be doable. Students can split it up by taking the free in-class session first, and returning at their convenience to complete the rest!
How old do I need to be before I can take the training?
18 yrs of age and hold a Graduated Class 5 Licence (Not a novice driver)
Is there any funding available?
There is, with a couple of very good options. See our Grants & Assistance tab for more information.
I have no experience, and I have never driven a manual transmission; will that be a problem?
Absolutely no problem. Our instructors are here to train you from the very moment you start your class. They are very knowledgeable and train using different teaching styles to suit each and every student. We understand we all learn at different speeds and understanding, and are here for you from start to finish.
What happens if I fail my road exam?
Our success rate for students passing their SGI Road Exams is extremely high. We understand that ‘Test’ Nerves come creeping up on us all when an exam is before us! Should you need a re-test, it is not a problem — we will provide up to 2 re- tests included in your tuition fees.
What do I need to do before I start?
Obtain your SGI Commercial Medical— this must be approved before you start your classroom session.
Do I need my Class 1 Learner’s Licence?
We prefer that you study and obtain your Class 1 Learner’s Licence before you start your program. That way, there is no delay between completion of the in- class portion and you can commence immediately into driving the truck!
How do I go about booking a seat for the next available program?
Because we want to guarantee a seat behind the wheel for you, we require a 10% deposit to secure that seat.

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